President Of Barcelona Needs Another 100 Days

  So, it’s now time to analyse what Joan Laporta has done over his first 100 days since he returned as president of Barcelona. The conclusion is that he needs more time to execute many of the plans he has in his mind. Laporta is having to deal with the financial problems left behind by Josep Maria Bartomeu’s administration and he still doesn’t have the definitive results of an audit he ordered as soon as he arrived. When a new leader reaches 100 days in the job, it’s time to analyse their first weeks in charge. There is a usually an unwritten pact not to judge the new arrival much until that date arrives.
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Laporta wants to have a concrete picture of the club’s financial situation. He knows it’s dramatic, but doesn’t know the magnitude.

This has prevented him from fully throwing himself into the transfer market. He has already successfully closed three big deals, those of Eric Garcia and Sergio Aguero. Memphis Depay is about to come too. That’s impressive on the president and sporting department’s part, as they haven’t had to pay a single euro in transfer feeds. If the club had more money, they could have tried some other transfer pursuits. However, Laporta knows he can’t do that right now. Right now it’s time to sell and then see what can be done with any money brought in.
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One of the tasks that the president hasn’t been able to complete is the renewal of Lionel Messi, for the same reasons as above. There’s no money and no signings, so he can’t present the forward with an economic or sporting proposal at this time. Laporta has to tread carefully, given the importance of this renewal. So, there’s a need to wait another 100 days before judging him fully. We need to see the results of the audit, we need the assembly to approve the previous campaign’s results and new budget, we need to see what happens with Messi and we need to see which other players are signed. It’s all still to be determined.

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