“Mum once bought me a diamond ring to propose to a lady” – Denrele reveals

Popular media personality, Denrele Edun  has revealed that he is not interested in the institution of marriage.
Denrele reveals
The TV host, who will turn 40 in two weeks, stated this in a recent interview with PUNCH. According to him, he has never been lucky with love and would rather remain single. Denrele added that his mother once bought him an engagement ring to propose to a lady because she wanted him to get married badly. However, he emphasized that he is not interested, even though it might make people question his sexuality. He said,
“I am not interested in the institution called marriage. I can say this because I am in control of my decisions. I set my principles, follow my guiding philosophies and do only what I want to do. I have not been lucky with love. I give out a lot of love but I do not get the same measure back. It is very hard to find people who genuinely reciprocate the kind of love I give. “I know people will question my sexuality because we live in a society where people are constantly under pressure and different forms of discrimination. Recently, I saw a story claiming that I was in a relationship with a male artiste but I don’t react to such claims anymore. I just want to be myself. I will not get married and still be unhappy. I am currently dating myself. My mother once bought me a diamond ring. She just wanted me to settle down. I have sacrificed a lot to take care of my family. I have been shouldering responsibilities since I was 11 years old.”
Denrele reveals
The 39-year-old fashion icon also revealed that he has a robust sex life and even considered leaving the entertainment  industry because of a woman.
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He said, “I am very sexually active. In the past, I confused sex with love or affection. But, I am at a point where I can draw the line. I once dated someone that I was ready to give up the entertainment industry for. I was so obsessed with her but she said it would be unfair to take that from me. Now, I have discovered inner happiness and peace of mind because God has used me to break the chains of poverty in my family. I will be hard on myself if I say I am not fulfilled or satisfied.”

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