It’s dumb to develop potbelly just because you’ve made small money — Maureen Esisi



Nollywood actor Blossom Chukwujekwu’s ex-wife, Maureen Esisi, has lambasted people who grow potbelly just because they’ve made ‘small money’.

According to the brand influencer, African people believe POTBELLY is a sign of riches and it is a very dumb thing.

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A post on her instastory reads ;

African people will start making money and believe they gotta leave potbelly to show sign of riches.

That’s actually DUMB. This is even the time to use your money best by investing in maybe a personal trainer and eating very healthy to get that nice body but no, They wanna be lazy and die of high blood pressure because they believe they gotta be obese to show they are rich. Come to western world and see Millionaires, Billionaires staying so fit with a killer physique.

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