Operation Amotekun And Tinubu’s Spiral Of Silence – Busy Brain


Operation Amotekun And Tinubu’s Spiral Of Silence – Busy Brain

Operation Amotekun And Tinubu's Spiral Of Silence - Busy Brain

The road not taken as two roads have diverged. Which among these roads will now lead to right path, to follow his Yoruba people or to continue to act as a bystander in order to preserve his Presidential ambition? This is a big dilemma for highly revered Jagaban and National leader of APC in Nigeria.

As a matter of fact, it seems Sen. Bola Tinubu’s silent gesture on Operation Amotekun is no more golden or would South West Governors embark on Operation Amotekun without carrying Tinubu along? Even if they didn’t carry him along which I sternly doubt, Tinubu as one the leaders and political stakeholders in South West should not have been reticent in the face of perceived injustice against his region. Almost everyone thinks along this direction because a group based in Lagos has given Sen. Bola Tinubu 24 hours ultimatum to give his position on Amotekun like other Yoruba elites.

But the question bothering my mind remains that, what other position do they expect from Jagaban than to maintain perfect silence? Are they not aware, Miyetti Allah has issued a threat that, Operation Amotekun may cost the South West presidential ticket. Directly or indirectly, that threat goes to our Jagaban of Lagos and he has two things to preserve: the political party he laboured for and his Presidential ambition which can never be achieved without Northern back up. So what should one expect from Tinubu when President Buhari’s man has illegalised Amotekun? Seriously, Sen. Tibubu has a lot to lose if that party falls. Take it or leave it. It’s very brilliant of Tinubu to keenly watch before taking stand. Anyone who falls in that category would know it requires pragmatism to react to such sensitive issue. I don’t know why his silence is being taken for coward, weak and self centered. I have never seen it as one.

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In my personal opinion, I will never blame Tinubu for his decorum on Operation Amotekun because he is one whose words can set the country on fire if not well cautioned. Sentiment and politics apart, Tinubu needs to be wary of his utterance not because of Miyetti Allah’s threat on presidential mission but, because, Miyetti Allah has seen and perceived operation Amotekun as war against fulani herdsmen instead of seeing it as a normal security outfit to protect the region. Miyetti Allah knows that, their people will always constitute social unrest in one way or the other and they never want them to be tampered. Instead of Miyetti Allah to caution their kinsmen grazing in South West to desist from fracas and cooperate with security guards for peaceful coexistence, they see the operation as obstacle to their catastrophic incendiarism. Anything coming out from Tinubu now would be tagged as an alert to launch attack on their men in South West because they have already seen it that way. We should all know by now that, the major problem of this country since the inception of Buhari’s administration is Miyetti Allah. Tinubu needs to be strategic.

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As It’s worthy to commend the efforts of several personalities like Nobel Laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka; Afenifere chieftain, Chief Ayo Debanjo; activist, Mr. Femi Falana, SAN; Chief Olu Falae, Otunba Gani Adams and others for speaking up for the people of the region. I will advise the South Westerners to allow Tinubu to have deep breath and go back to the round table to meet the president he sold to the South West and Nigerians through his own meda outfits. Those taking Operation Amotekun too far should be cautioned. We have more to achieve together than going to war front. War can never solve our problems. Amotekun is not an avenue to start war. It’s for peace, protection and tranquility.

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