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Why We Disagree With NANS Over Fedpoffa School Fees Increment Allegation – Fedpoffa Students

Why We Disagree With NANS Over Fedpoffa School Fees Increment Allegation… Fedpoffa Students

Why We Disagree With NANS Over Fedpoffa School Fees Increment Allegation - Fedpoffa Students
The recent allegations levied against the Federal Polytechnic Offa Rector, Dr. Lateef Olatunji and the DSA, Mr Gbenga Aleminu on the increment of school fees have really shown how deadly is hate speech and misinformation against public office holders. For the fact that Nigerians frown against hate speech bill with its severe death by hanging punishment, A malicious content like this that can tear an institution, organization or nation apart would make one to have a rethink on the bill. Although, death penalty is just a daydreaming.

We would have loved to commend the National Association Of Nigeria Students body as a freedom fighter if they had done proper findings and research about the school fees saga before going to media to accuse the rector but since they didn’t make proper investigations, we will tell NANS why we disagree with the accusations and why we term it as malicious, witch haunting and unprofessional. Of course, no students of any institution would ever want their school damaged and destroyed based on unverified accusations.

It was included in the NANS report published on daily post that we students wrote a letter to complain about the school fees increment and hardship we are going through since the Rector assumes office. But why not attaching a copy of that letter written to NANS for that allegations to be trusted. It was also included that the school fee has been increased on two consecutive times since Dr. Lateef’s appointment. This is absolutely far from the truth.

Dr. Lateef Olatunji was appointed as a substantive rector in the year 2017 and how is it possible for a rector to increase tuition fees in an institution that have governing council and academic board. In an attempt to verify the nature of this allegation, we have searched for the amount of school fees paid in federal institutions in Nigeria and realised that Fedpoffa tuition fees is among the lowest. Why will NANS ignore other Federal institutions whose price are more higher than that of Fedpoffa?

In this same report on daily post, NANS inflated all the amounts of money tagged illegal charges in order to drag the Rector and DSA in the mud. Isn’t it funny that the medical bill charges, acess to internet charges… are being regarded as illegal? Is it only Fedpoffa that do charge students for medical, internet and entrepreneurship development fees? Who release those false informations to NANS? Have NANS visited the school for investigation? Have NANS contacted any official sources for interview before going to media? More so, the report also called for the removal of DSA. I wonder why NANS didn’t do their findings on who this great man is. This DSA is the back bone behind the peaceful electoral processes and reprisal of political movements’ clash on campus. Ever since his appointment as DSA, the school has never witnessed any clash or riot within and outside the school. This is the DSA that do give students money for transportation to NYSC camps. This is the DSA that maintain best mutual relationship with the students. We wonder why someone would sit in Abeokuta and called for removal in Offa.

Sardonically, a student was expelled from FUNAAB for writing an open letter to Vice Chancellor on facebook, NANS didn’t go there to stage protest or mobilise to close down the school. Another final year student expelled from University of Ibadan for writing about the poor condition of the halls in school, NANS didn’t close the school to save the career. Another student was recently expelled in Nasarawa University for enjoying a mutual relationship that led to pregnancy with a lecturer and NANS didn’t stage any protest. How many of Adepele’s multiple and interlocks teeth could be counted? These are the areas that affect students that we want NANS to be fighting thoroughly.

We believe that NANS is never known for witch hunting. We appreciate NANS for their reactions but we will enjoin NANS to fight a good course for us and not about causing chaos, tension and creating bad image for our school officials. Come to Fedpoffa and see the transformation agenda of Dr. Lateef Olatunji’s administration. You shall all be marvelled. We are going through quality education, peaceful atmosphere and stable academic calendar in Fedpoffa and not hardship as claimed by NANS.

God bless Nigerian Students
God bless Fedpoffa
God bless Nigeria



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