ALBUM REVIEW: Timaya – Chulo Vibes


ALBUM REVIEW: Timaya – Chulo Vibes

Papi Chulo himself! Vibes Lord!! You listen to any of Chulo’s vibes once and you reflexively put it on repeat and get addicted. You can’t just resist the urge to keep listening to his voice alone. More than a decade in the industry now and Papi never stops giving us back back vibes that totorise our body. And Papi Chulo puts his charm in his nine- track masterpiece featuring heavy weights in the entertainment world like Alikiba,Burns Boy and Machel Montana, making one of the baddest and finest albums this year. So in no particular order is the album review of “Chulo Vibes”

1. Balance : You already know that Papi Chulo can’t make an album without talking about his hustle and his aspirations in life(he’s getting there sh). On this track,Timaya speaks about his hustle and what he wishes for which is to “make the world smile” through his music. And also his love for music and music being his only substance. Mad tune,clean vibe,beautiful hook,with finely concocted lyrics.


2. Happy ft Machel Montana: An attempt at making a beautiful raggae dancehall vibe almost went wrong on this track.I’ll say it’s a lazy attempt at making the vibe we can relate to. Although the message of “not trying to impress anybody” was fully established but Boss,we need the vibe not just the words,fuse both,we know u know this though. It sounded cliché and Machel Montana did little to make it better. I’d say it was an average attempt though.

3: Stoopid: I guess this is everyone’s anthem right now. When you hear the title,you could guess the theme. How a “bad gyal’s dirty whining can make a genius ” STOOPID”. The production is just too perfect. Especially the trumpet part,where the Hook was sung. Bridge was also excellent. Papi Chulo masterfully grinded Vibe, Message and Instrumental Mood together. He’s a Blender!!

4. Obrigado: This track could as well pass as my most favorite on the album. “Dayuuuuuum Papi Chulo is fyeking good!”.
“Every night and day she calling
Say she wan chill with papi (Chulo)”. Obrigado talks about a perfect girl,submissive and faithful to him. He claims he loves her but he’s not ready to ” walk her down the aisle” and she is satisfied with that.( I guess Papi Chulo should introduce this girl’s sister to guys). Don’t lemme talk too much now,just listen to it!

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5. I can’t kill myself: What’s a Timaya’s album without a sweet message being passed?? Guy I don’t know if this is my best track too (let me think) .The track talks about not caring about what people say because if you do or not,they’ll complain anyways. Check out the vibe. I’m becoming too emotional, I’m afraid I’ll write too much.

6. Number One ft Alikiba: Oh God! Too much fav tracks on this album. Just listen to my Papi’s introductory verse and hook on this track and tell me why I won’t over love Papi Chulo! And God bless Alikiba too,guy is a “masterfully professional” artiste. No wonder!!!! Beat wasn’t too extraordinary but the creativity was too much! Different vibes on one Beat! Guy!

7: Akuna: I can’t be in a sad mood and hear that beat and still be sad. I’ll just laugh. The beat is mood swing itself. The hook is the best part of the track tho.
“My friend say you be akuna akuna
Everybody say you be akuna akuna
I say me I love this akuna akuna
See the way you dey do
Imma love akuna akuna……”

8: Mood: I wonder where Timaya got his producer from. Perfection meets perfection! Perfect lyrics for the perfect hook of the perfect beat and perfect production all together. “I no go any University but the boy right now na Global Citizen”. True that Papi Chulo and we still love you. No more comments before you say I like talking too much. P.s You can easily relate to the tune. Just listen.

9. Pull Up ft Burna Boy: Hey it’s Burna Boy on this track with Papi Chulo!!!! Please paint your picture of the fate of the beat. Yeah,it’s exactly what you are thinking. Both of them ruthlessly murdered the not too special beat. Creativity at its best. Maddest Fruition theory!!!

I’d say the overall point for the album is 4.5 over 5. What do you think? Drop your comment below!!
And don’t forget to cop the album here!!

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