Galile wrote a little book called an obscure booklet called Diagramma, short form of ‘Diagramma della Verità. its contained something called il segno – sign, clue, signal . . . depends on your translation – a secret location. Galileo’s Illuminati needed to protect themselves from the Vatican, so they founded an ultrasecret Illuminati meeting place here in Rome. They called it The Church of Illumination. Pretty bold calling a satanic lair a church.


He actually wrote 3 during his house arrest -Diàlogo (famous among scientists as the ultimate scientific sellout).
In 1630s, Galileo had wanted to publish a book endorsing the Copernican heliocentric model of the solar system, but the Vatican would not permit the book’s release unless Galileo included equally persuasive evidence for the church’s geocentric model—a model Galileo knew to be dead wrong. Galileo had no choice but to acquiesce to the church’s demands and publish a book giving equal time to both the accurate and inaccurate models. Despite Galileo’s compromise, Diàlogo was still seen as heretical, and the Vatican placed him under house arrest.”And yet Galileo was persistent. While under house arrest, he secretly wrote a lesser-known manuscript that scholars often confuse with Diàlogo. That book is called Discorsi (Discourses on the Tides)
Historians believed that Discorsi had not been Galileo’s only work while under house arrest. Historians believed he had also written an obscure booklet called Diagramma, short form of ‘Diagramma della Verità’ – “Diagram of Truth“. Diagramma is how Galileo got the word out. It was Galileo’s most secretive work—supposedly some sort of treatise on scientific facts he held to be true but was not allowed to share. Like some of Galileo’s previous manuscript, Diagramma was smuggled out of Rome by a friend and quietly published in Holland. The booklet became wildly popular in the European scientific underground. Then the Vatican caught wind of it and went on a book-burning campaign.
Archivists have been looking for a copy of Diagramma for years. But between the Vatican burnings and the booklet’s low permanence rating, the booklet has disappeared off the face of the earth.
It must be noted that Galileo’s Illuminati were not the least bit satanic. They were scientists who revered enlightenment. Their meeting place was simply where they could safely congregate and discuss topics forbidden by the Vatican. Although we know the secret lair existed, to this day nobody has ever topics forbidden by the Vatican. Although we know the secret lair existed, to this day nobody has ever located it.
They never revealed the location of their hideaway to anyone outside the brotherhood. This secrecy protected them, but it also posed a problem when it came to recruiting new members.


Word of Galileo’s brotherhood started to spread in the 1630s, and scientists from around the world made secret pilgrimages to Rome hoping to join the Illuminati . . . eager for a chance to look through Galileo’s telescope and hear the master’s ideas.

Unfortunately, though, because of the Illuminati’s secrecy, scientists arriving in Rome never knew where to go for the meetings or to whom they could safely speak. The Illuminati wanted new blood, but they could not afford to risk their secrecy by making their whereabouts known. The situation is what will be called ‘situazione senza soluzione’ in Italian.
Now, the Illuminati were scientists. They examined the problem and found a solution. A brilliant one, actually. The Illuminati created a kind of ingenious map directing scientists to their sanctuary.
Vittoria looked suddenly
Funny the idea of a map may sound careless. If a copy fell into the wrong
hands . However, no copies existed anywhere. Because it was not the kind of map that fit on paper. It was enormous. A blazed trail of sorts across the city. It’s some arrows painted on sidewalks. In a sense, yes, but much more subtle. The map consisted of a series of carefully concealed symbolic markers placed in public locations around the city. One marker led to the next . . . and the next . . . a trail .
. . eventually leading to the Illuminati lair.

More or less a treasure hunt.

The Illuminati called their string of markers ‘The Path of Illumination,’ and anyone who wanted to join the brotherhood had to follow it all the
The Vatican although wanted to find the Illuminati, yet the path was hidden. A puzzle, constructed in such a way that only certain people would have the ability to track the markers and figure out where the Illuminati church was hidden. The Illuminati intended it as a kind of initiation, functioning not only as a security measure but also as a screening process to ensure that only the brightest scientists arrived at their door.
In the 1600s the clergy were some of the most educated men in the world. If these markers were in public locations, certainly there existed members of the Vatican who could have figured it out. But they had not known about the markers. But they didn’t. And they never noticed them because the Illuminati designed them in such a way that clerics would never suspect what they were. They used a method known in symbology as dissimulation. Camouflage. “Dissimulacione, which is said to be Nature’s best defense. The Illuminati used the same concept.
They created markers that faded into the backdrop of ancient Rome. They couldn’t use ambigrams or scientific symbology because it would be far too conspicuous, so they called on an Illuminati artist—the same anonymous prodigy who had created their ambigrammatic symbol ‘Illuminati’—and they commissioned him to carve four sculptures. They called the Arts “Illuminati sculptures” Sculptures with two strict guidelines.

First, the sculptures had to look like the rest of the artwork in Rome . . . artwork that the Vatican would never suspect belonged to the Illuminati. Religious art.

The second guideline was that the four sculptures had to have very specific themes. Each piece needed to be a subtle tribute to one of the four elements of science.
Four Elements being that Early alchemists believed the entire universe was made up of only four substances: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. The four had always existed throughout history—the Pythagorean cycles of life, the Chinese Hong-Fan, the Jungian male and female rudiments, the quadrants of the Zodiac, even the
Muslims revered the four ancient elements . . . although in Islam they were known as “squares, clouds, lightning, and wave.
The modern Mason has a more modern usage that always gave chills—the Mason’s four mystic grades of Absolute Initiation: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.
Vittoria seemed mystified.

So this Illuminati artist created four pieces of art that looked religious, but were actually tributes to Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. The pieces blended into the sea of religious artwork all over Rome. By donating the artwork anonymously to specific churches and then using their political influence, the brotherhood facilitated placement of these four pieces in carefully chosen churches in Rome. Each piece of course was a marker . . . subtly pointing to the next church . . . where the next marker awaited. It functioned as a trail of clues disguised as religious art. If an
Illuminati candidate could find the first church and the marker for Earth, he could follow it to Air . . . and then to Fire . . . and then to Water . . . and finally to the Church of Illumination.

The Illuminati called these four churches by a very special name: The Altars of Science – L’altare di scienza.

This was some four thousand years ago. On the other hand, today’s Masons, that represent the Illuminati live in the modern world. They meet in bank boardrooms, eating clubs, private golf courses

The rumor that the four brands were in English rather than Italian remained a point of debate among historians. English seemed a random deviation from their natural tongue . . . and the Illuminati did nothing randomly. The overall Illuminati plot was starting to reveal its patient grandeur. The brotherhood had vowed to stay silent as long as it took, amassing enough influence and power that they could resurface without fear, make their stand, fight their cause in broad daylight. The Illuminati were no longer about hiding. They were about flaunting their power, confirming the conspiratorial myths as fact.

N.B La purge – Sixteen sixty-eight. It’s the namethe act of the church branded four Illuminati scientists with the symbol of the cross. To purge their sins.


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