THE LIFE OF A SOLDIER – Abegunde David Olumide (17NA)


THE LIFE OF A SOLDIER - Abegunde David Olumide (17NA)

THE LIFE OF A SOLDIER – Abegunde David Olumide (17NA)

A soldier is the pride of his nation. He defends the honor of his motherland with his life and blood. He has to rise above his own self to defend his nation. His profession brings out the best qualities in him like chivalry, discipline, team sprite, loyalty and steadfastness. His example serves as a beacon light to others who are tame and cowardly. His life is a source of inspiration to the youth of the nation. He has no politics in his makeup. He serves the nation to the best of his ability.

The life of soldier is very tough and full of discipline. He has to be mentally and physically alert and keep his body in fine shape for any battles that may come up. His performance in the theatres of war has been heroic and daring. He is the finest specimen of humanity who is prepared to given the supreme sacrifice of his life for the lives of his fellow countrymen. He has to brave the tyrannies of nature and in thunder, lightning or rain, extreme hot or cold, in deserts, mountain or seas, day and night fight continuously for the know of his nation. He has to sacrifice his family life, be away from his children, only to the save the life of other children.
A soldier is the watchdog of the nation and is ready to perform any duty with which he may be entrusted, even at the cost of his life. his life is very hard and he obeys any order that may be given to him.

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Rest in perfect peace to our fallen hero’s in front line




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