Chicago Talent Celebrating It’s Very First Episode


Chicago Talent Celebrating It's Very First Episode

Without further adieu, Chicago Talent is celebrating it’s VERY FIRST EPISODE! Thank you so much to everyone who has supported and especially participated!  This is an amazing branch of The Fresh Faces Project! The crew and cast are deeply appreciated. The cast is listed below! Although a few of them are not in this premiere episode, their stories will still be told throughout the series. Everyone will not be featured in each episode as we try to keep them under an hour, but each cast member supports the next heavily! At the end of it all, each and every one of their stories WILL be told! Please check them out below!

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Logan CruzFelice Tamara JacksonFelice Tamara JFelice Tamara JDeborah Guerra-SieversRita StorckAnthony AmosKeena Renée CarsonDovile RiebschlagerCrowned ElitesNicodemus ChiElaine RáuAneesah PerkinsAneesah S.PerkinsAlyssa GallarneauAlyssa Gallarneau’s “The Aly G Show” WRLR 98.3Marisol Molina




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