Fundamental Human Sense Towards Entertainment


Fundamental human sense

In fundamental human sense,we all long for something to make us feel good and to make us feel relaxed,an imaginative creativity which represent the merging of two extremes,its an intensively intimate expression on the part of consciousness couched in terms of the most objective and commonly known experts

Its an enjoyment we derived either in public or private,we are liberated and have right to the texture and nature confounding and how the specific entertainer dropped it knowledge and imagination is a kind of medium of exchange to the fundamental sense…


The medium of exchange to the society and the world at large is very important and plays a vital role in the development of the youth…

The entertainers which comprises of musician,dancers,comedians etc are mostly 90% youth of nowadays role model,we want to be like them,we want to eat what they are eating,we want to live the live they are living,but the question is are they really laying down a good example???

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This is 21st centuries,we know that,we are very well aware of it but we need to be careful as at what we produce to the society….

The fundamental human sense has it that our brain consume entertainment effectively than any other thing,we react to it either positively or negatively.


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